Saturday, July 7, 2012

smells like.....

last weekend i decided to plan out a week's worth of menus and post them on the frig so that ANYone could see what we were having for dinner that evening, and perhaps quite possibly begin the preparation for said meal if their schedule should allow.

(that's right, i'm just now figuring this little device out after 30+ years of cooking for our family of 10)

so i pulled this little jar of goodness out of the frig while gathering the ingredients to make a certain dish from one of the three cookbooks i keep on my shelf at all times - ('hot sour sweet salty') for its inspiration and editorial content alone - thinking it was one of those required (it wasn't. check out the dish it DOES belong to here) when one of #7's friends asked what it was...i told her it was rice powder.
then i opened the jar and we each took a sniff.
what is that??
i told her it contained not only rice, but kefir lime leaves and lemon grass.
but still we couldn't identify that familiar smell.
so i told her to go ask the others.
in less than 90 seconds she was back.

"Fruit Loops! it smells like FRUIT LOOPS!"

sure enough, it does.

ps  the "certain dish" made tonight was a winner. we made the vegetarian version and even our carnivores gobbled it up.

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  1. Fruit loops are a very interactive dish. Serve it up and watch your kids stare in awe at their milk as it turns crimson. They're trying to decide if the red is from the loops or the blood in the roofs of their mouths as the crunch cuts it to bits:)