Tuesday, January 10, 2012

here are some pictures...let me know if you want the recipes

so six of the eight kids were home for the new year (plus a very special friend of one of theirs). and we had a time of it in spite of the absence of two.
we decided to divvy up meal responsibilities for the week so you can only imagine the variety of meals with enjoyed with resident vegan, comfort, maldovian, southern and international cooks in the house. (here's a hint: our frig is still bursting with the remains!)
so allow me share with you a few sporadic snapshots...

browned chicken for chicken & dumplings

sauteing the "aromatics" 

marina's cupcakes
jem piping on the citrus buttercream frosting

frying the "placinta cu cartofi",  a delicious romanian dish
filled with feta, dill and mashed potatoes

beginnings of the salad

at table for our romanian feast
on sunday, jaclin made pork and tempeh carnitas, a spicy green salsa and citrusy slaw....YUM

(dishes not pictured here: borscht, doughnuts, biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings completed (but you've already seen those here), homemade tortillas and bread).

i've got the recipes for most of these so let me know if you want one posted.

happy new year!!

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