Sunday, July 3, 2011

a secret in my closet

it's a small thing, but it has saved me countless hours (and dollars) over the years: no matter how perfect that color matches the rest of the room - or one of the kids' latest disney character obsessions - only buy white.

that goes for both sheets and towels.
no more sorting so the right towels get to the right bathroom, no more rummaging through the closet to find the matching top sheet, and the most thrilling benefit of all - you can bleach the snot out of them and they'll look good as new.

oh, and if you really want to know, the same rule applies to paper products in our house as well. not for any reason other than the fact my mother instilled in me her vehement distaste for the printed varieties (so gauche).  can't say the same for her insisting that the spices be put in alphabetical order....


  1. I'm all over this idea. I started doing it for the hotel-like feeling, but then there's a reason they do it too. Brilliant. Looking forward to more design/style ideas.

  2. (Anon. only because I am too lazy to sign up for an account)
    The only addition to the white sheets would be stripes in the weave so that one can quickly distinguish which way a full or queen fitted sheet should go... of course, it the manufacturing companies would always put the label in the same corner, one would know which corner went where.