Friday, July 8, 2011

the guacamole recipe that ended it all. finally.

don't worry. everyone's fine.
what this recipe ended for me (back in jan '08), was that reinventing-the-wheel search every time i wanted to make some guac. you know what i'm talking about. that dish you find yourself craving, and it's a basic (we're not talking risotto or cheese souffle here) so you decide to make it yourself.  and then you panic....which recipe is really the best? how do i know that the effort i put into this dish will really deliver on the other side?
i don't know what dishes do this to you, but mine are simple things like tomato sauce (still haven't found the perfect one there - so DO share!), banana bread, hamburgers, mac 'n cheese...every time i go to make one of these dishes i spend at least an hour searching the internet for that one perfect rendition. you know what i mean, right?
anyway, i've got a guacamole recipe that has spared me said frantic search, and i thought i would share it with those of you who have not yet found your perfect guac recipe (and to those of you who already have a recipe memorized  - you might want to reconsider...)

oh wait! i can't possibly post the recipe right now. you see, i'm in the middle of this (the logistical workings of an inter-office move of twenty or so people and all their...belongings):

those scraps of paper you see are photos of every piece of furniture/lighting fixture and accessory in our offices...
there has to be an easier way...but it's also a project reminiscent of both colorforms and paper dolls. how much fun is that?!

anywho - guacamole recipe coming your way before the weekend - ends!

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