Monday, September 10, 2012

no adjustment needed...

...except, perhaps, the addition of bacon.

but i am determined to resist that temptation because i know once i experience it with bacon, i'll never be satisfied with the original. and i'm determined to have at least one healthy take-to-work lunch in my repertoire.

i made this sandwich last week after seeing something similar over at, using mashed white beans, avocado, cucumber and red onions.
but seeing as i had whipped up a batch  - i use the phrase "whipped up" pejoratively, because i am impossibly slow in the kitchen. those "30-minute meals"? plan on 90 if i'm the cook - of baba ganoush (using this recipe) a few days earlier, i decided to use that in lieu of the white beans. and boy did i hit on a winner.

first of all, i feel almost as strongly about the addition of avocado to any dish, as i do bacon. almost. so this sandwich had me from the start. and like i said, i really wanted to find something vegan AND tasty that i could make rather quickly on a busy weekday morning. this definitely qualified.

it might possibly be improved upon, and certainly variations of it exist, but i'm sticking with the original.

if it ain't broke....

simple tasty sandwich ingredients:
ezekial bread
baba ganoush


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  1. Yum didily dum. Def. trying this, this weekend!